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Name Jacksonville, Florida
Number of Archive records 124
Number of Library records 134
Number of Object records 15
Number of Photo records 57

Associated Records

1959.1.1 - Box One

One (1) box containing postcards, newspaper clippings, and writings.

Image of 1959.103.24 - Page 23

1959.103.24 - Page 23

Page twenty three (23) of the Kellog Album.

1959.107.1 -

The Display Parade No. 40 advertisement copy of Donald E. Springer Display Director Levy's Inc. Jacksonville, Fla. Newspaper articles (7) and scrapbook page with newspaper articles The National Retail Clothier and Furnisher article July 3, 1930 The National Retail Clothier and Furnisher article January 15, 1931 Men's Wear article February 8, 1928 (2 pages) Black and white 10"x8" photographs of window displays by Donald Springer including the Porter Clothing Company.

1959.124.1 -

Black & white 7" x 5" photograph of the Murray ? streetcar #115 to Union Depot with engineer and fare collector standing outside (added to photograph collection) Color photochrome postcards of Leb's Sandwich Shop in the Roosevelt Hotel, Lobster House, Main Street Bridge, Terminal Station, and Water Front and Skyline (added to postcard collection) George Washington Hotel Room 1204 key Hotel Seminole Room 200 key "Circus Echoes" 33 1/3 LP record by Jacksonville Baseball Club Various business cards, membership cards, and tickets from Jacksonville events 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and miscellaneous

1959.126.1 -

Refrigerator magnets: Reynolds Aluminum Recycling Pays Emery Worldwide I'm nuts about Emery heavyweight! I support WWF's Rain Forest Rescue Campaign Kit 'N Kaboodle Recycle Jacksonville (5) Lindsey Pest Control St. Luke's Hospital Celebrates One Hundred Twenty-Five Years St. Luke's Outpatient Pharmacy Jiffy Lube NMC Homecare Bringing home the best of care Clean It Up Green It Up Remember…Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires Smokey is counting on you! Thank You For Not Smoking American Institute for Cancer Research AvMed Health Plan The Incredible Edible Egg I Love Eggs Jacksonville Children's Commission Did you drink your Ensure today? Pizza Hut Delivery & Carryout (2) Pizza

1959.127 -

Super Bowl XXXIX was an American football game played between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Philadelphia Eagles to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2004 season. The Patriots defeated the Eagles by the score of 24–21. The game was played on February 6, 2005, at Alltel Stadium (now known as EverBank Field) in Jacksonville, Florida, the first time the Super Bowl was played in that city.

1959.137.10 - Letter

Letter from Knight, Orr & Company including Title Endorsement with General Insurance Company of America dated September 14, 1956: Renewal Certificate for the Title from General Insurance of America Dated January 13, 1957.

1959.137.11 - Receipts

Martin Tire Co. receipt for a range and refrigerator dated 8/13/1956.

1959.137.12 - Homeowner's Policy

Homeowner's Policy between Security Insurance Company of Hartford and James T. Malone and Betty L. Malone for 1/13/1969 to 1/13/1972.

1959.137.13 - Homeowner's Policy

Homeowner's Policy between Aetna Insurance Company and James T. Malone and Betty L. Malone for 1/13/1971 to 1/13/1974.

1959.137.14 - Homeowner's Policy

Homeowner's Policy between The Home Insurance Company and J.T. Malone and Betty L. Malone for 1/13/1973 to 1/13/1974.

1959.137.15 - Auto Policy

Family Automobile Combination Policy between The Employers' Liability Assurance Corp., Ltd. and J. T. Malone d/b/a Atlantic Printers for January 29, 1963 to January 29, 1964.

1959.137.17 - Letter

Copy of a letter from Delbridge L. Gibbs to the Mayfair Inn, Sanford, FL on behalf of Messrs J. T. Malone, Frank Ganas and Charles Johnson dated August 21, 1947.

1959.137.18 - Letter

Letter from Albert F. Saunders, M. D. to J. T. Malone dated October 20, 1947.

1959.137.19 - Letter and Stock Certificate

Letter and stock certificate from Barnett Banks of Florida, Inc. dated May 24, 1985.

1959.137.2 - Closing Statement

Closing statement copy of Lot 11 Block 8 Country Club Estates from Arthur B. Conner, Jr. to J. T. Malone.

1959.137.20 - Documents

Documents pertaining to the estates of Alexander R. Malone and to Kathleen Biser Malone.

1959.137.3 - Sales Agreement

Sales Agreement for Lot 11 Block 8 Country Club Estates Unit 3 dated 6-1-1956.

1959.137.4 - Map

Map showing survey of Lot 11 Block 8 Country Club Estates Unit No. 3 by R. L. Croasdell & Company dated Dec. 13, 1950.

1959.137.5 - Note

Note between J. T. Malone and Betty L. Malone and William H. Speir and Kathleen Speir for $3750.00 dated July 26, 1956 and final payment dated 8-1-1961.