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Name 1910s
Number of Archive records 1
Number of Library records 0
Number of Object records 0
Number of Photo records 0

Associated Records

1959.1.1 - Box One

One (1) box containing postcards, newspaper clippings, and writings.

1959.1.2 - Box Two- Fred Noble

One (1) box containing newspaper clippings, correspondence, certificates, a diary, travel documents and other documents, primarily by or related to Fred Noble.

Image of 1959.13.01 - Correspondence, Joseph E. Lee.

1959.13.01 - Correspondence, Joseph E. Lee.

Forty-three (43) letters to or from Joseph E. Lee. Subjects include: politics, elections, family, real estate, taxes, education.

Image of 1959.13.11 - Advertising, Mail Order, and Subscriptions

1959.13.11 - Advertising, Mail Order, and Subscriptions

Twenty-two (22) items pertaining to advertising, mail order, and subscriptions. Includes: pamphlets, order forms, postcards, subscription forms.

Image of 1959.13.02 - Correspondence, Rosa Lee

1959.13.02 - Correspondence, Rosa Lee

Sixteen (16) letters to or from Rosa B. Lee, wife of Joseph E. Lee. Subjects include: family, Joseph E. Lee's death, insurance, real estate.

Image of 1959.13.03 - Correspondence, Political

1959.13.03 - Correspondence, Political

Twenty-seven (27) letters pertaining to politics. Subjects include: Joseph E. Lee, presidential campaigns, gubernatorial campaigns, Florida Republican State Central Committee, Republican State Central Committee.

Image of 1959.13.04 - Correspondence, Organizational and Philanthropic

1959.13.04 - Correspondence, Organizational and Philanthropic

Eighteen (18) letters pertaining to organizational and philanthropic works in which Joseph E. Lee participated. Subjects include: National Municipal League, Lincoln Memorial University, American Civic Association, donations, memberships.

Image of 1959.13.05 - Correspondence, Miscellaneous.

1959.13.05 - Correspondence, Miscellaneous.

Twenty-six (26) miscellaneous letters. Subjects include: religion, politics, West Point, family.

Image of 1959.13.07 - Business and Calling Cards and Announcements

1959.13.07 - Business and Calling Cards and Announcements

Six (6) business and calling cards and two (2) announcements.

1959.13.09 - Newspapers

Four (4) newspapers. Includes: The Tampa Morning Tribune, Army and Navy Register (two [2] copies), Army and Navy Tribune (two [2] copies), and Jacksonville Journal.

Image of 1959.13.12 - Miscellaneous

1959.13.12 - Miscellaneous

Eighteen (18) miscellaneous documents. Includes: land plats, bulletins, academic progress reports, lock combination, feasibility report.

2011.11.1 - The Dixie Newspaper

One (1) bound copy of Dixie, a Jacksonville, Florida newspaper edited by Claude L'Engle. Bound dates cover from December 3, 1910 (first issue) to November 25, 1911.

Image of 2011.15 - 1913 Seminole Club Charter, Rules, Officers and Members

2011.15 - 1913 Seminole Club Charter, Rules, Officers and Members

One (1) book of the 1913 Seminole Club of Jacksonville's Charter, Rules, Officers and Members.

2011.23.1 - Bench Docket No. 5

One (1) large hardback book of Bench Docket No. 5 Criminal Court of Record Duval County Florida, covering from around 1910 to around 1912, containing the name of those arrested, their charge, and some information regarding their case.

2011.29.2 - Mock-ups and Newsletters Scrapbook

One (1) scrapbook from The Cohen Brothers Department Store and The St. James Realty & Department Store Company, in Jacksonville, Florida, including multiple copies or mock-ups of "Store News- Current Events of 'The Big Store'" from 1920 as well as copies and mock-ups of envelopes and letterhead, c. 1910s and 1920s.

2013.9.1 - Letters

Five (5) letters and envelopes regarding Miss Irene Chambers and Miss Susie Anderson.

L5.1 -

One (1) folder containing thirty-six (36) letters and thirty-six (36) envelopes from the 1910s and 1920s addressed to either Julius Hirschberg or Morton Hirschberg. Most of the letters were written to Mr. Morton Hirschberg at the address Box 1035, Jacksonville, Florida.

MC10.1 - Old Arlington/Gilmore/Post Office Collection

This collection contains: 4 x 6 images of the Gilmore, Hawley, Cuzner family, and the Gilmore School; 8 1/2 x 11 images of the Gilmore M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church, the Gilmore home, Gilmore Homestead, and Gilmore family; copies of deeds of land, Homestead Patents for Archibald Gilmore Jr.; The Jacksonville, Mayport & Pablo Railway and Navigation Company (Known as the JM & P); Arlington Post Office Memories; "I Remember" written by Margaret L. Gilmore Torkelson, written in 1972; Gilmore Community History, by Cleve Powell; and email correspodence between Deane Briggs, Cleve Powell, and Robert (Bob) Sikes.

MC19.10 - Jax Term. Co. -- Box 10

This collection contains seventeen (17) folders containing Jacksonville Terminal Company architectural drawings of various locations and items. Inventory/ finding aid available.

MC19.12 - Jax Term. Co. -- Books 1-13

This collection contains various Jacksonville Terminal Company books including: Jacksonville Downtown People Mover, Final Report on Project Feasibility, Nov. 1979; Jacksonville Terminal Company Cash Books, 1911 - 1919; Jacksonville Terminal Company, General Ledger, No. 9, Jan. 1924 - Dec. 1928; Jacksonville Terminal Company Voucher Registers, 1894-1923 (incomplete). Inventory/finding aid available.