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Name 1900s
Number of Archive records 15
Number of Library records 0
Number of Object records 0
Number of Photo records 23

Associated Records

Image of 1959.13.01 - Correspondence, Joseph E. Lee.

1959.13.01 - Correspondence, Joseph E. Lee.

Forty-three (43) letters to or from Joseph E. Lee. Subjects include: politics, elections, family, real estate, taxes, education.

Image of 1959.13.11 - Advertising, Mail Order, and Subscriptions

1959.13.11 - Advertising, Mail Order, and Subscriptions

Twenty-two (22) items pertaining to advertising, mail order, and subscriptions. Includes: pamphlets, order forms, postcards, subscription forms.

Image of 1959.13.02 - Correspondence, Rosa Lee

1959.13.02 - Correspondence, Rosa Lee

Sixteen (16) letters to or from Rosa B. Lee, wife of Joseph E. Lee. Subjects include: family, Joseph E. Lee's death, insurance, real estate.

Image of 1959.13.03 - Correspondence, Political

1959.13.03 - Correspondence, Political

Twenty-seven (27) letters pertaining to politics. Subjects include: Joseph E. Lee, presidential campaigns, gubernatorial campaigns, Florida Republican State Central Committee, Republican State Central Committee.

Image of 1959.13.06 - Financial and Legal Records

1959.13.06 - Financial and Legal Records

Thirty-one (31) documents pertaining to financial and legal matters. Includes: merchandise receipts, tax documents, deposit slips, bonds.

Image of 1959.13.08 - Envelopes

1959.13.08 - Envelopes

Fifty (50) addressed envelopes.

1959.13.09 - Newspapers

Four (4) newspapers. Includes: The Tampa Morning Tribune, Army and Navy Register (two [2] copies), Army and Navy Tribune (two [2] copies), and Jacksonville Journal.

Image of 1959.13.10 - Booklet

1959.13.10 - Booklet

One (1) African Methodist Episcopal Church booklet.

Image of 1959.13.12 - Miscellaneous

1959.13.12 - Miscellaneous

Eighteen (18) miscellaneous documents. Includes: land plats, bulletins, academic progress reports, lock combination, feasibility report.

MC10.1 - Old Arlington/Gilmore/Post Office Collection

This collection contains: 4 x 6 images of the Gilmore, Hawley, Cuzner family, and the Gilmore School; 8 1/2 x 11 images of the Gilmore M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church, the Gilmore home, Gilmore Homestead, and Gilmore family; copies of deeds of land, Homestead Patents for Archibald Gilmore Jr.; The Jacksonville, Mayport & Pablo Railway and Navigation Company (Known as the JM & P); Arlington Post Office Memories; "I Remember" written by Margaret L. Gilmore Torkelson, written in 1972; Gilmore Community History, by Cleve Powell; and email correspodence between Deane Briggs, Cleve Powell, and Robert (Bob) Sikes.

MC19.12 - Jax Term. Co. -- Books 1-13

This collection contains various Jacksonville Terminal Company books including: Jacksonville Downtown People Mover, Final Report on Project Feasibility, Nov. 1979; Jacksonville Terminal Company Cash Books, 1911 - 1919; Jacksonville Terminal Company, General Ledger, No. 9, Jan. 1924 - Dec. 1928; Jacksonville Terminal Company Voucher Registers, 1894-1923 (incomplete). Inventory/finding aid available.

MC19.3 - Jax Term. Co. -- Box 3

This collection contains various Jacksonville Terminal Company papers including: Daily Reports- 1968 October 16, 22-24, 28 1970 January 19, 21-23, 27 March 8 June 2, 13, 15, 18, 19; Annual Report of the Railroad Commission for the State of Florida for: Seventh (1904), Eighth (1905), Ninth (1906), Eleventh (1908), Sixteenth (1913), Nineteenth (1916), Twenty-Second (1919), Thirty-Ninth (1935); Annual Reports of the Georgia Railroad, June 30, 1904 - June 30, 1913; Architectural drawings, Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge, 1913; Seaboard System Railroad Savannah Division Timetable No. 2; Architectural drawings, drawings for Counter Weight Chord Repairs, 1950; Post

MC19.9 - Jax Term. Co. -- Box 9

This collection contains sixty-eight (68) folders containing various Jacksonville Terminal Company architectural drawings of various locations and items. Inventory/finding aid available.

P14.1 - Digitized Early Jewish Community Photographs

One (1) collection of digital photographs digitized from images originally contained in a white binder entitled "Early Jewish Community Photographs," lent by the donor to the Jacksonville Historical Society for the purpose of digitization and returned to the donor upon digitization.

P14.2 - Ahavath Chesed Temple History in Photos

One (1) compact disk titled, "Congregation Ahavath Chesed- The Temple: History in Photos." The front of the CD also says "The Temple History in Photos 1882- 2007." CD is currently stored in the folder file for P14 and a digital copy is contained with the digital photographs P14.1 under the computer file "Early Jewish Community Photographs Collection."

Image of 1959.11.12 - Photographs not part of original collection

1959.11.12 - Photographs not part of original collection

Sixteen (16) images pertaining to the Cohen Brothers Department Store that were not part of the original collection.

Image of 1959.11.5 - Jacksonville Area

1959.11.5 - Jacksonville Area

Twenty-one (21) photographs pertaining to the greater Jacksonville area.

1959.12 - Spanish American War Photographs

Collection of photographs taken in Jacksonville, Cuba, Savannah during the Spanish American War